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‘All About Dogs’ is a professional dog training service run by Mike O'Brien and is based in Galway City.

It is more than just about training dogs
  • It is about getting the most enjoyment from the relationship.
  • It is about understanding your dog’s needs.
  • It is about harmony. 

Our mission is to help you develop a happy union with your dog through training, play and by building the bond that is evident for all to see. We have designed a series of courses aimed at giving you the knowledge and skills to achieve this.

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What is required

Collar, lead, treats

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Trainer Mike O Brien has been training dogs and competing in dog sports since 1984. As well as competing at national & international levels Mike has also represented Ireland at the World Championships. Mike is the founder member of the Galway Dog Training Club premier dog club based in Galway City and is the training director if the club.
He is also the training director of the Galway branch of the GSA. German shepherd club.
All work & training for both clubs is carried out on a voluntary basis. In addition to training dogs for competition Mike has helped countless pet owners with behavioral problems, aggression towards children, adults, joggers, dogs cyclists etc. Mike has also trained dogs for film & TV. 2 of Mikes dogs appeared in Ros Na run, the moon on my back  by Power Productions, Uncle Max (BBC) magma studios & criminal pursuit (film) starring Cody from Bay watch so far.

A list of services by all about dogs include puppy imprinting & social development, basic & intermediate obedience, temperament assessment, behavioral problems, rank development programs, rank reduction programs, how 2 select & rear a puppy correctly & personal protection. All training is carried out in your own home on a 1 to 1 basis except personal protection training. Dogs for this type of training must be assessed for suitability and by arrangement with Mike