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Basic Obedience
for adult dogs

Most problems arising in the adult dog can be traced back to incorrect rearing and training.  A rank reduction program together with a training program is the best remedy.

You will learn how the dogs mind works, how he sees the world and how to alter his behavior. Knowledge is the key to success, we will explain the rank reduction program and the training system and demonstrate with your dog after which you will receive your rank reduction and training programs.

When training the adult dog it is important to realize that dog has already developed habits and those habits have been rewarded (although not intentionally by the owner) so in effect we are re-training the dog. In doing so we must change our instructions and only reward compliance, trying to tell your dog that the old command means something new is very confusing for your dog.

Our training system involves educating the handler on how the dog's mind works, how he sees the world, understanding pack structure, which is inherent in all dogs and educating him in basic commands such as walking to heel, sit, down and re-call

We also show you how to correct unwanted behavior in a way your dog will understand.